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What Makes an EPIC Outdoor Space?

It's all about attention to detail. The difference between a normal outdoor space and an EPIC outdoor space is in all the little details – both the details you see and the ones you don’t.

No matter what the project is, EPIC always does it right, and we refuse to cut corners.

Here are some examples:

  • We only use commercial grade edging and fabric. Sure, it’s buried and you never see it, but you will see the weeds in three to four years if you use the cheap stuff.
  • We believe minimum code requirement is exactly that – the minimum. We go beyond “minimum” and build our projects to last.
  • We line up the screw heads on fences and decks, so they are perfectly straight. Trust us...it makes a difference in the oveall look and feel of he finished product.
  • We use sealant on the cut ends of timbers to protect them and we also paint the parts of fence boards you never see, places where water can seep in and degrade your structure over time.
  • At the end of each work day, we leave your yard or worksite neat and tidy.
  • We take pride in doing the job right, for the sheer joy of it!



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